Mike Rusling

Hello. My name is Michael (Mike) Rusling and I am the proprietor of Rusling Programming Services (RPS).

I have been associated with and have been working in the IT industry since the mid 1980's. At that time I supported a program called Breeze Business Software, specialising in Point Of Sale and sales analysis.

RPS was formed in the early 1990's after securing a long term contract with AutoMate Business Management Systems Australia to develop the AutoMate business management software packages, AM1, AM2, AM4, MyMate and SalesMate.

A team of 4, including myself, developed the AutoMate range of the business software packages, as well as providing network, technical support and specialised business analysis reports to 3000+ clients spread throughout Australia and Internationally.

A very interesting time and a great way to increase one's practical knowledge of the in's and out's of systems, business requirements and expectations.

Since then, RPS has gone through many changes and refinements to reach what it is today, offering professional services and internet solutions that "provide the goods" and which are realistically priced.

RPS is based in Dubbo, New South Wales, approximately 500 kilometres north west of Sydney, an ideal location to service a local client base covering the Central West of New South Wales. But, with the world as it is today, also providing IT services and support to local, interstate and overseas clients.

Looking forward to helping you in whatever way possible.

Mike Rusling